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Grimmspeed Turbo to...


Down Pipe to Turbo Gasket. Fits 93-18 Turbo Subaru


Using a premium multi-layer steel with a stainless steel fire-ring, this gasket surpasses the quality of most on the market and for a great price. This gasket is ideal for anyone replacing their downpipe to help prevent any possible leaks.
Exhaust gaskets typically experience some of the hottest conditions when compared to any other gasket on the engine. And even though they are made of metal, they can come apart anytime you remove any of your exhaust components for upgrades or for maintenance. With that said, don't risk doubling your wrenching labor by possibly creating an exhaust leak by reusing an old gasket, and get the GrimmSpeed Turbo to Downpipe Gasket.
This particular gasket is made from multi-layered steel components with a stainless steel fire-ring and will produce the right seal so you can maximize the performance of your vehicle.


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